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  • Location: Delaware, Ohio

Preservation Parks of Delaware County selected the design-build team of B&N and ERC to restore a segment of McCammon Creek and an unnamed tributary using green infrastructure to prepare a 36-acre historical agricultural field within the Alum Creek floodplain for a new park. The restoration of approximately 2,000 linear feet of historically channelized and entrenched stream is the focal point of the park including a designated natural children’s play area in McCammon Creek. 

B&N assessed several restoration alternatives and concepts to maximize park features while providing a stable and economically viable design. A modified Rosgen Level III Assessment was conducted to determine existing conditions and the best approach to restore McCammon Creek and its floodplain to a natural, stable configuration. 

B&N designed the relocation and addition of natural flow paths for both McCammon Creek and its tributary, as well as the creation of a one-acre wetland where a portion of the old McCammon Creek channel was located. Instream structures consisted of natural elements, including log cascades, log steps, log j-hooks, constructed riffles, and rock cross vanes to maximize aquatic habitat and ecological function. The natural stream meanders and constructed floodplain help control flooding into the nearby land during wet weather events. These green solutions helped create a long-term, stable stream environment that will mature with Preservation Parks' overall park vision. 

The relocated and redesigned stream channel reconnects McCammon Creek and its tributary with much-needed floodplain width and provides native plantings and seedings along the new riparian corridor. The construction sequence developed for the site allows the majority of the new stream channels to be fully constructed and vegetated before being exposed to the full stream flow. This minimizes sediment from entering the stream flow during construction and promotes full development of a properly stabilized stream channel. Materials excavated during construction of the new floodplain areas will be strategically placed in future parking lot areas to provide cost savings for future park features.