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  • Location: Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed to conduct structural inspection and evaluation of ancillary structures throughout the state, including high mast light poles, span and cantilever trusses, monotubes and single mast arms. B&N was tasked with capturing the data in ODOT’s GIS system. Utilizing specialized rope techniques and drones greatly limited the need for traffic control and mechanical access, resulting in significant cost savings and minimizing impacts on the traveling public.

B&N’s inspection teams primarily populated the database utilizing ODOT’s geospatial data schema while on-site, resulting in additional efficiencies and increased quality. Leveraging ArcGIS Online Technology, B&N’s expert inspection staff quickly and efficiently gathered the requisite information and populated the database according to ODOT’s specific required schema.

This innovative solution enabled bridge inspectors to seamlessly collect and populate field data directly into clients' database schemas using ArcGIS Online Field Maps for the first time. It also introduced the team to custom online applications developed by our GIS Services team, significantly streamlining the field data collection processes.

Most importantly, this data provided ODOT with a complete condition assessment of their ancillary structure inventory, allowing them to make fully informed decisions on future funding needs for both maintenance and replacement of structures. This asset management project provides the state of Oklahoma with multiple benefits, including the informed, wise investment of tax dollars, maintaining their ancillary structure inventory in good working condition and keeping the traveling public safe on interstates, state routes and major local roads.