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  • Location: London, Ohio

As part of the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Improvement (LCRI) proposal released in early 2023, public water systems must comply with EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) requirements by October 16, 2024. This includes the initial service line inventory, public outreach and reporting. This project’s primary objective is to create a detailed Geographic Information System (GIS) map and associated database, ensuring strict compliance with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. B&N is gathering essential data for the evaluation of water service materials, with a particular focus on lead service lines.

B&N performed a thorough survey of the existing water features, encompassing water distribution infrastructure, pipelines, and other relevant components. Upon completion of the survey a detailed GIS map, utilizing age-of-construction data from Madison County Auditor’s Information, and subsequently created the GIS water distribution database ensuring strict adherence to the Minimum Lead Service Line Inventory data requirements. B&N will perform up to 100 residential inspections in collaboration with City of London, Ohio, staff, with the aim of determining the material of the service lateral at each home. All information captured from the Lead Service Line Inventory was catalogued in the GIS to assist in prioritizing future repairs, as needed.

Key components of this Lead Service Line Inventory included:

  • Review of County Auditors Data
  • Review of Lead Sampling Locations
  • Evaluate Private and Public Lead Service Line Probabilities
  • Development of Water System GIS Map for each water service tap
  • Extensive Public Outreach Program

B&N conducted public outreach activities, including the distribution of questionnaires, with the objective of collecting information about the service material entering homes. The data gathered through these questionnaires is incorporated into the water system GIS database.