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  • Location: Delaware, Ohio

The City of Delaware, Ohio, faced a critical challenge in ensuring the safety and efficient management of its water distribution system. As part of the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Improvement (LCRI) proposal released in early 2023, public water systems must comply with EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) requirements by October 16, 2024. This includes the initial service line inventory, public outreach and reporting. The goal of this project was to provide Ohio EPA precise, up-to-date information for all lead plumbing and fixtures to for the safe and efficient management of water services.

AI Teams Up to Expedite Service Line Data Collection

The project encompasses several key components. B&N accessed and prepared water tap connection cards and thoroughly analyze water service material data. The team will leverage an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system to review City compiled tap cards, identify service tap features, and create a database for the existing service line information recorded at the time of installation from the Tap Card. Integrating AI and OCR text recognition supplements professional staff and reduces work to be done during data collection. This also will reduce time required to review data. Once the data is collected, the team will consult with the City’s staff to pinpoint Tier 1 and Tier 2 water sampling locations and gather historical data to build a comprehensive picture of the water distribution system in a GIS map.

A Plan For Continued Reliable Water Services

With an accurate and up-to-date GIS map, the City can effectively manage its water distribution system, prioritizing areas that require attention and proactively addressing potential lead exposure risks. B&N's ongoing efforts to update water features and enhance the GIS map, along with the creation of a comprehensive database for each water service tap, will ensure continued compliance with Ohio EPA's Minimum Lead Service Line Inventory data requirements. By meeting these requirements, the City of Delaware demonstrates its commitment to providing safe, reliable water services to its community.