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  • Location: Leesburg, Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) contracted B&N to design a 10-acre stormwater management facility to improve the quality of stormwater runoff discharging into Lake Harris. Lake Harris is considered one of the Waters of the US (WOTUS) and is designated “impaired” by the State of Florida due to its high loadings of Total Nitrogen (TN) and Total Phosphorus (TP). The Lake Harris Regional Storm Water Facility was designed to remove sediment, debris and other pollutants from the runoff produced from a highly-developed, 500-acre watershed. Calculations estimated the total nutrient removal efficiency to be 587 lbs/yr of TN and 111 lbs/yr of TP. B&N prepared the technical feasibility study, final design and construction plans. US Army Corps of Engineers permitting, and post design services were also performed. 

Meeting Schedules & Staying on Budget

The project’s design and permitting schedule was adhered to, thus allowing FDOT to let the project toward the end of the rainy season. Schedule adherence was critical for the contractor to manage the drainage from the watershed through the project limits during construction. B&N assisted FDOT in developing a joint project agreement with Leesburg, thereby meeting FDOT design and construction budget.  

B&N’s Services Included: 

  • Stormwater Detention Facility Design 
  • Sewer Design 
  • Watershed Modeling 
  • Nutrient Removal Efficiency Calculations 
  • Construction Plan 
  • Post Design Services 
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