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  • Location: Lake County, Ohio

The Lake County Department of Utilities (LCDU) selected B&N to provide services that will help expedite and more efficiently deliver infrastructure projects tied to their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Under this contract, B&N serves as a Project Management Office (PMO) providing a variety of planning, administrative and technical services. B&N acts as a supplemental group that bolsters LCDU’s staff and assists with project planning and delivery. LCDU also benefits from B&N’s wide range of engineering, architecture and environmental expertise.

During the first year, B&N oversaw the design of 10 water and wastewater projects. The projects focus on LCDU’s strategy to rehabilitate or replace a minimum of 16 miles of utility pipeline per year, including support facilities such as treatment, pumping and storage.

B&N helped LCDU formalize consultant selections through the Qualification Based Selection (QBS) process. The B&N team meets with the selected consultants to review the individual projects, helps prepare their agreement with LCDU, and sets a schedule.  B&N schedules and runs all project design review meetings with the individual consultants and LCDU. In addition to overseeing the design of each project, B&N manages the construction bid process for all of the CIP contracts. 

Other tasks that have resulted from serving as LCDU’s PMO include completing the design of past projects that were “shelved” and never completed.

This five-year contract includes helping establish and train staff within LCDU to take over the PMO responsibilities.