• Location: Galloway, Ohio

At Battelle Darby Metro Park in Galloway, Ohio, B&N led a restoration project that resulted in one of the largest reconstructed wet prairies in the nation. For Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, the 500-acre site now reflects the habitat that was in place prior to being used as agricultural land.

The Kuhlwein South Wet Prairie project restored several species of prairie grasses and native wildflowers including sunflowers and coneflowers. The area also provides a habitat for many different types of migratory birds and small mammals.

To help facilitate the restoration, B&N engineers and environmental scientists designed removal of the agricultural field’s subsurface drainage network. They also designed nearly two miles of new earthen berms to protect neighboring properties and provide an overflow spillway design.

The completed project allows water to pool, creating shallow wetlands and saturated soil conditions over large portions of the site. Improvements designed for the drainage system accommodate an increased volume of water and transfer overflows into the nearby Big Darby Creek.

Additional project work by the B&N team included hydraulic analysis, confirmation of site soil conditions development of a construction stormwater pollution prevention plan, and development of a master plan for proposed site facilities including parking lots, observation decks and trails.