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  • Location: Penfield, Ohio

B&N was retained by the Lorain County Engineer for the replacement of the Jones Road Bridge over the East Branch of the Black River and the realignment of approximately 700-feet of approach roadway. The project involved replacing the steel truss bridge supported by stone abutments with a composite steel beam bridge supported by anchored driven pile abutments. 

B&N selected anchored driven pile abutments to minimize the excavation and temporary shoring required and to allow for easier construction due to the frequent flooding of the area. To protect the structure from floodwaters, an anchored sheet pile bulkhead wall was constructed at the southeast quadrant of the bridge. The fascia beams were painted to provide additional protection for the weathering steel and help extend their service life.

The horizontal roadway alignment and vertical profile were revised to meet current standards and minimize environmental and utility impacts. Portions of the project required removal of existing soft soils and replacement with granular material and geogrid to provide a stable base for the relocated road.  Right-of-way was acquired from two parcels to accommodate the roadway realignment. 

B&N accelerated the design so that the County was able to sell the project one year ahead of schedule. This became critical as the bridge had to be closed shortly after the plans were completed due to its deteriorating condition.