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  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

From the point where untreated wastewater enters the Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment
Plant (WWTP), until effluent is discharged into the Scioto River, Burgess & Niple (B&N) has designed improvements to every part of the plant’s treatment process.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Jackson Pike was built in 1935 and is the oldest WWTP in the city. For almost three decades, B&N engineers have studied, recommended and designed upgrades to extend the useful life of equipment, increase treatment capacity, improve treatment technology and reduce maintenance needs.

Recent Improvements

Most recently, B&N assisted with hydraulic and design capacity improvements. The projects were completed as part of the City of Columbus’ Wet Weather Management Plan aimed at reducing wet weather overflows. The improvements increased capacity from 120 MGD to 165 MGD and included:

  • Replacement of raw sewage pump motors and wetted parts
  • Large scale piping modifications with new influent flow metering
  • Addition of an interconnecting pipe after the primary settling tanks to provide greater flexibility in treatment options
  • Modification of influent flow split of secondary clarifiers
  • Replacement of return and waste activated sludge pumps
  • Upgrade of diffuser system in aeration tanks

Decades of Results

Over the years, the study and design services provided by B&N for Jackson Pike have resulted in:

  • A new effluent pump station to maintain operations up to the 25-year river stage
  • A new flushing water pump station
  • Two new secondary clarifiers
  • Rehabilitation of secondary clarifiers
  • New influent mechanical screens
  • New grit removal facilities with a grit building to house pumps, cyclones and classifiers
  • Addition of two 1,000 horsepower blowers for the aeration tanks
  • A liquid disinfection process that is safer than the previous gas disinfection process

Roof Inspection

Watch how B&N used drone technology to record the condition of the 18,500-square-foot roof at the Jackson Pike WWTP.

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