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  • Location: Boone & Kenton Counties, Kentucky

With over 170,000 commuters daily, the I-75 corridor and interchange with I-275 in Northern Kentucky is over capacity and experiences safety issues. The anticipated addition of a $1.5 billion worldwide Amazon Prime Air hub on the south side of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is expected to add congestion to the corridor. In response to the existing and future needs of the corridor, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 6 has initiated a project to improve the safety, mobility, operations, and geometrics at the I-75/I-275 junction and the system-to-system ramps.

KYTC District 6 has retained B&N to lead the scoping study for the I-75/I-275 Interchange Project. The study includes review of the I-75/I-275 tri-level interchange as well as I-75 interchanges at KY 1017, KY 236 and KY 371, and I-275 interchanges at KY 3076, US 25 and KY 1303. The primary goal of the study is to determine the need for improvements through and surrounding the interchange, and to develop feasible alternatives. The scope of services include:

  • Inventory of existing conditions
  • Developing an overview of the environmental resources in the area
  • Establishing project purpose and goals
  • Proposing and analyzing alternative improvement options
  • Developing practical solutions and cost estimates
  • Prioritizing alternative improvements
  • Documenting the study process and results

Future project phases will include the development of an Interchange Modification Report (IMR)/Interchange Justification Study (IJS), which requires the completion of the investigations, documents, traffic simulation, and safety review included in the study.