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  • Location: Xenia, Ohio

Burgess & Niple conducted Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments for the City of Xenia at the former Hooven & Allison Cordage Company site. The property was the site of rope manufacturing operations for more than 100 years and consisted of seven buildings, a substation, a boiler and powerhouse, and an open area once used to grow sisal.

During the Phase I Property Assessment, eleven areas of concern were identified, including asbestos containing debris that may have been released into the soil following arson activities at the site. During Phase II, soil samples were collected to determine if asbestos fibers were present in the surrounding soils. In addition, a full asbestos survey was performed throughout the buildings.

A remedial action plan was prepared outlining the steps necessary to bring the property to Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) standards for commercial/industrial land use. The plan included addressing the asbestos containing materials at the site.

Asbestos fibers were found in the soil and a limited volume of soil was removed. Asbestos containing materials also were abated from the buildings prior to demolition of the structures. Final clearance inspections were conducted to verify all asbestos materials had been removed.

Additional remedial actions at the property included removal of three underground storage tanks and the excavation and removal of petroleum impacted soils.