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  • Location: Hillsborough County, Florida

As a Task Work Order under Hillsborough County’s Engineering Services Transportation Development and Design Continuing Services Contract, B&N updated the Corridor Preservation Plan as part of the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The project, which aims to improve safety on the County’s roads, was completed as three separate tasks: data collection and existing plan review; updates to the typical sections; and development of a preliminary context classification database.

In order to determine the County’s future transportation corridor needs, B&N provided an analysis of existing plans, standards and needs, and made recommendations. B&N also developed an approach to update and implement the Corridor Preservation Plan, Local Functional Classification and Access Management Classification. 

B&N developed and updated typical cross section drawings for urban, suburban and rural areas, by implementing the recommendations and incorporating transit needs where appropriate.

Following the guidance of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Context Classification, B&N reviewed all existing classified county roads and categorized them into five context classifications to determine preliminary context classifications and provide mapping data. This was accomplished using a methodology similar to that of FDOT’s District Seven. B&N utilized ArcMap-based automated classification techniques to the extent practicable for existing roads. This information makes up the new context classification database.

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