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  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

The City of Cincinnati is experiencing significant economic and downtown development, transforming into a hub of growth and innovation. A critical component of this transformation is ensuring that the infrastructure supports both residents and businesses, facilitating smooth transportation and connectivity.

B&N has been retained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 8, to manage the engineering design and plan preparation for the reconstruction and widening of approximately one mile of Interstate 75 in downtown Cincinnati. This project is strategically significant as it adjoins the proposed $3 billion I-75/I-71 Brent Spence Bridge (BSB) Corridor project, a vital link over the Ohio River and recipient of a $1.6 billion federal grant from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The BSB Corridor project will enhance connectivity between Ohio and Kentucky, supporting regional economic growth. By aligning improvements on I-75 with the BSB project, Cincinnati is positioned to increase capacity, improve traffic conditions, and accommodate future growth, all of which are essential for development in the region.

Key components of the I-75 project include:

  • Linn Street Overpass: Replacement to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.
  • Gest Street: Reconstruction from Freeman Avenue to US 50, eliminating the roadway connection from Gest Street to Linn Street to streamline traffic.
  • Liberty and Findlay Streets: Replacement and widening of mainline bridges over these streets to enhance structural capacity and safety.
  • Pedestrian Access: Replacement of the pedestrian access from Gest Street to Linn Street to improve walkability and connectivity.
  • Freeman Avenue Overpass: Replacement to support increased traffic volumes.
  • Ezzard Charles Drive Overpass: Replacement to maintain efficient traffic operations.
  • Western Avenue and West Court Street: Reconstruction of portions of these streets to improve local street infrastructure.
  • New Ramps: Construction of new I-75 ramps to and from Freeman Avenue and Western Avenue to enhance access and reduce congestion.
  • Pump Station: Installation of a new pump station to manage water runoff and drainage, ensuring roadway longevity and safety.

B&N's comprehensive services for this project include: roadway design, interchange justification/modification study, SUL, bridge design, drainage design, geotechnical engineering, testing, drilling and field exploration, traffic control and traffic signal system design, traffic modeling, capacity analysis, ITS, and highway lighting.

By leveraging innovative design strategies and state-of-the-art technology, B&N aims to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the highway network, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of residents, businesses, and visitors.