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  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

B&N assessed the conditions and identified improvements for two existing City of Columbus boat launch facilities on the east side of Griggs Reservoir. The improvements included removing and replacing the concrete ramps and dock abutments, refurbishing the existing floating courtesy docks and providing additional docks at each ramp.

One boat ramp, the Trabue-Murphy ramp, is being converted for use predominantly by paddle crafts, like kayaks, with a flexible design that will allow for use by motorized boats during peak periods. Another ramp, the Nottingham ramp, was designed as a three-lane launch ramp to accommodate a higher volume of boat traffic. Each ramp's layout was also revised to minimize the debris collected on the ramps thereby reducing future operating and maintenance costs. The improvements are also designed for ADA access at each ramp. 

In addition to the design, section 404/401, floodplain, and City of Columbus permitting for these revisions, B&N also assisted the City of Columbus in obtaining Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) grant funding for the project by completing the requisite environmental and design support documents required for the grant process.