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  • Location: Cincinnati, OH

Verizon fans attending Cincinnati Reds baseball games at the Great American Ballpark had limited cell coverage inside the stadium. B&N worked with Verizon and the Great American Ballpark to add macro-cells and a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that improved coverage throughout the stadium for Verizon customers.

As part of the project, B&N designed and installed a head-end equipment room within an existing storage space in the stadium to house the DAS.  Our engineers also installed macro-cells in an existing electrical room (alpha sector), an existing storage room (beta sector) and in an existing IDF telephone room (gamma sector).

The antennas for both the alpha and beta sectors were installed on existing outfield light pole towers while the antennas for the gamma sector were installed on top of an existing elevator structure.

Services included:

  • DAS equipment room plan and details
  • Macro-cells equipment room plan and details
  • Antenna mounting plans and details
  • Coax Cables and HVAC routing plan
  • Coax cable plan and details
  • Lighting plan
  • Cable rack plan and details
  • Electrical and grounding plan
  • Mechanical plan
  • Fire protection plan