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  • Location: Fort Carson U.S. Army Post, Colorado

Approximately 1.2 million American children have at least one parent serving on active military duty. With a growing need to provide on-post childcare to serve these families, new military childcare facilities are being built at a quick pace across the U.S.

B&N recently designed seven new military Child Development Centers (CDC) concurrently at military bases across the country. At the onset of designing the first CDC at Fort Carson, the B&N design team created a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) for this 22,867-square-foot facility. The BIM provided key information so the team could identify and resolve potential conflicts prior to construction, and helped the project stay on schedule.

B&N used BIM to develop discipline-specific design modules for the CDC at Fort Carson. Once the initial modules were created, they were used as standards for each of the remaining six projects, representing significant time and cost savings. When changes are made to the modules, the BIM software automatically updates all references to the modules for each facility. Because BIM was used for the repetitive design features, the design teams could focus on the unique aspects of each project.

Using BIM helped fast track the design/build process, saving time and money. The end result was the fast delivery of seven highly anticipated CDCs – an important benefit for military families.

Key Features:

  • Facility designed for daycare and development activities for children ages 6-10 years
  • Safe and secure site design
  • Single point of entry for security
  • Landscaping to visually enhance the built environment
  • Designed to U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Silver standards