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  • Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina

The Archer Western / Burgess & Niple Design-Build Team completed this new $45.1 million, design-build, 225,461 SF, five-story Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) Transient Barracks building housing 540 Special Warfare soldiers. Each wing of the barracks houses 180 soldiers. The selected structural systems and building systems were evaluated and selected for this location. Seismic, wind and soil conditions were addressed. B&N has received a Past Performance Questionnaire rating of “Above Average” for this project.

The 720-person multiple barracks complex was master planned by Burgess & Niple. The master plan consisted of this 540-bed facility and a future 180-bed facility. The proposed site layout meets Fort Bragg’s anticipated needs. The 180-bed facility will be funded and awarded at a future date.

Space planning analysis and the integration of building systems resulted in the cost-effective use of the programmed facility size. The approach maximizes living space while minimizing “wasted space”.

Sustainability, low maintenance and durability were key factors in the final design. Design of these systems included review and approvals from Ft. Bragg, the state of North Carolina and the local utility companies as well as coordination with privatized and Post operated utilities.