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  • Location: Northern Florida

B&N is leading a four-year bridge inspection contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 2, located in the northern portion of the state.

The contract includes inspection services, over multiple cycles, for various types of bridges, such as major truss, cable stay, post-tension box girder, movable bascule, and steel girder. Three teams of B&N inspectors and one team that includes FDOT personnel will be used to perform work under this contract. Using industrial rope access techniques combined with mechanical equipment, the teams will provide:

  • 30+ National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) bridge inspections
  • Bridge inspection reports prepared in BrM
  • Underwater inspections
  • Instrumentation and testing of bridge components, including cable stays
  • Hydrographic channel bottom and overhead clearance surveys for approximately 100 bridges
  • Inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Ultrasonic testing of bridge pins
  • Emergency bridge inspection services

Included in this project are structures comprising two major urban flyover interchanges at I-95/I-295 and I-95/I-10 in Jacksonville, and the historic Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine. Long span structures include the Dames Point, Hart, Main Street and Mathews bridges. On-site inspections began in August 2014 and are planned through 2018.

Emergency Inspection Services

To date, B&N has provided the following emergency inspection services under this contract.

  • Main Street Ship Impact, Jacksonville: When a river cruise ship crashed into the bridge, B&N mobilized an inspection team to be on site within 24 hours, over a holiday weekend.
  • Main Street Lifting Cable Emergency, Jacksonville: Following the failure of a support cable during a high lift, B&N used industrial rope access techniques to complete an arm’s length inspection of the lift bridge’s balance chain assemblies.
  • Emergency Underwater Inspections, Jacksonville: In response to boat impacts, underwater fender system inspections were performed on the Buckman Bridge that carries I-295 over the St. Johns River and twin bridges that carry State Route 10 over the Intercostal Waterway.