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  • Location: Goodyear, Arizona

The City of Goodyear, Arizona, an Estrella Mountain suburb, successfully underwent a recent comprehensive replacement of its water main system. This initiative was in response to the deterioration of the existing system in recent years. The previous water main was plagued by various issues such as pressure loss, pipe leaks, and concerns regarding water quality. Consequently, it required frequent maintenance to address these problems in the short term. However, it became evident that a permanent solution was necessary for the long-term sustainability and future needs of the community.

To tackle this challenge, Goodyear selected B&N as the prime design firm entrusted to design a complete water main system replacement for this suburban community located west of Phoenix. The engineering solutions provided by B&N encompassed updates to the water infrastructure, benefiting the 75 households residing within the neighborhood. In addition to replacing the water main and water services, B&N incorporated necessary improvements, such as aligning the fire hydrant spacing with current City standards and integrating functional control valves to facilitate future maintenance requirements. Moreover, the team implemented a design to enable the coexistence of the old and new water main systems, ensuring a seamless transition of service with minimal interruption.

Following the successful completion of the project, all homes in the community now enjoy access to clean, potable drinking water, along with ample water pressure. This achievement will significantly enhance the quality of life for the next 75 years, enabling residents to engage in various activities such as drinking, showering, doing laundry, watering their lawns, filling their pools, and much more, all with the assurance of clean water.