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  • Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida

B&N designed and permitted the World Drive North Regional Stormwater Management Facility located in the Disney World Magic Kingdom guest parking lot in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The facility provides direct and compensatory water quality treatment for two roadway projects (World Drive North – Phases II & III), the expansion of the Magic Kingdom guest parking lot and improves regional water quality for Reedy Creek. The facility also provides added flood control by redirecting stormwater runoff away from flood prone areas. 

The facility receives stormwater runoff from a 224-acre basin that includes the Disney World guest parking lot, roadways and surrounding areas. Stormwater is routed via existing open channels and new concrete box culverts (850 LF – 6' x 12' & 770 LF – Dual 6' x 10') into a 25-acre wet detention stormwater management facility. Outfall from the regional facility is through a dual 8' x 8' concrete box culvert equalizer system that connects to a three-acre spreader swale. The spreader swale discharges to the Reedy Creek Wildlife and Water Management Conservation Area by way of a 575-foot long weir structure, replicating a natural sheet flow condition.

Key Features:

  • Protects Reedy Creek and the Wildlife and Water Management Conservation Area
  • Met and exceeded the client’s goal of flood reduction and regional treatment 
  • Treats stormwater and captures/collects litter and oils
  • Alleviates historic flooding and provides water quality benefits
  • Provides detention and resiliency