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  • Location: Dundee, Florida
Design-Build Resurfacing of SR 25 (US 27): A Comprehensive Infrastructure and Sustainability Initiative by B&N and AJAX Paving for FDOT District Seven

B&N, as design partner to AJAX Paving, undertook a significant project focusing on the resurfacing of SR 25 (US 27). This endeavor encompassed the stretch from north of SR 540 (Cypress Gardens Blvd/Waverly Rd) to north of CR 546 (Kokomo Rd) for a total distance of 5.4 miles. US 27 holds strategic importance as it is part of the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS), necessitating a nuanced approach due to varying context classifications and typical sections along the project route.

Segment 1: North of SR 540 to South of Lincoln Ave

The project's scope varied along its length. From north of SR 540 to south of Lincoln Ave, the context classification was identified as C2 - Rural). This segment's typical section comprised six 12-foot travel lanes, a 40-foot median, and flush shoulders, demanding meticulous planning to ensure smooth traffic flow and safety.

Segment 2: South of Lincoln Ave to North of Sunburst Rd

South of Lincoln Ave to north of Sunburst Rd presented a different context classification, marked as C3C - Suburban Commercial. This section featured a more intricate typical section, including six travel lanes with varying widths (ranging from 11.5 to 12 feet), dedicated five-foot bicycle lanes in both directions, a 30-foot median, and a combination of inside (Type E) and outside (Type F) curb and gutter systems. Additionally, an 8-foot sidewalk on each side catered to pedestrian needs, highlighting the project's commitment to multimodal accessibility and safety.

Stormwater Management

In addition to resurfacing, the project involved comprehensive stormwater management initiatives. This encompassed the installation of stormwater treatment and attenuation facilities, alongside the design and implementation of compatible conveyance systems. These systems were strategically positioned to channel stormwater runoff into the designated management facilities, ensuring environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Collaboration and Impact

The collaboration between B&N and AJAX Paving not only addressed infrastructure needs but also prioritized environmental stewardship and community well-being. By adhering to rigorous design standards and integrating sustainable practices, the project aimed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and resilience of US 27, benefiting commuters and residents.