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  • Location: Columbus, Ohio

B&N was retained by the City of Columbus to perform general engineering services for the Department of Public Utilities. This task-order based contract included a diverse mix of work at multiple Division of Sewerage and Drainage (DOSD) facilities, including Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant (JPWWTP), Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWWTP) and the Sewer Maintenance and Operations Center (SMOC).

Compliance Updates

Several tasks involved compliance updates to the City’s facilities. To meet the Department of Public Utilties’ Stormwater Drainage Manual standards, B&N designed a drainage trench and an oil/water separator at SMOC and JPWWTP and a new canopy over the JPWWTP fuel island. The B&N team also updated the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for JPWWTP to comply with the Industrial stormwater permit. 

Cost-Effective Improvements

To improve efficiency, B&N managed HVAC improvements for several buildings at JPWWTP and SWWTP. The improvements allowed the City to repurpose existing infrastructure and install energy-efficient equipment. Other enhancements included a water meter vault replacement at SWWTP and a fiberoptic cable system at JPWWTP. The fiberoptic cable system will connect the plant to the Greenlawn Fire Station and Whittier storm tanks in coordination with a Department of Technology project.

Multi-Disciplinary Tasks

Other assignments called upon B&N’s in-house, multi-disciplinary team. B&N bridge inspectors evaluated the condition of the JPWWTP Dystor Covers and provided recommendations for replacement. Additionally, B&N traffic engineers evaluated the warrant for a traffic signal at the south entrance of SWWTP.