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  • Location: Delaware, Ohio

Since 1993, Burgess & Niple (B&N) has worked with the City of Delaware to monitor the Curve Road Landfill, a closed municipal solid waste disposal facility that was in operation from 1975 to 1990.

B&N completed a hydrogeological site investigation, groundwater monitoring services with statistical evaluation of the data and a groundwater quality assessment monitoring program for this facility. In addition, the team prepared a corrective measures program plan that was approved by the Ohio EPA in 2012.

Leachate Studies

Due to leachate outbreaks that developed after the landfill closure, B&N completed a series of studies to determine the extent of the leachate within the landfill. The team evaluated the leachate quality using one-inch piezometers and several leachate surface seeps around the perimeter of the landfill. Leachate potentiometric surface maps were prepared and the data was compared to regulatory limits and site groundwater conditions.

Based on the initial results, B&N completed a leachate seep control study that provided several options for collection and transport of leachate to the City’s wastewater treatment facility. The study also addressed the need for a Rule 13 Application in the event a leachate collection system was proposed for the site.

Ongoing Improvements

The City initially used a vacuum truck to transport the leachate that was collected. However, using this process for the large volume of leachate generated by the system became costly and a burden on personnel schedules. To alleviate this, B&N is designing a new leachate transfer line that connects to the City’s existing sanitary sewer. The gravity-based system will minimize long-term maintenance fees. The design process includes delineation of existing streams and wetlands to help identify an alignment that will not require additional state or federal permits that could delay construction.

B&N continues to provide this long-term client with groundwater, surface water, leachate, and explosive gas regulatory compliance for this facility.