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  • Location: Colleyville, Texas

In the growing Fort Worth suburb of Colleyville, Texas, B&N conducted three traffic studies aimed at finding solutions to ease congestion.

Pleasant Run Road/John McCain Road

B&N studied the crossroads of Pleasant Run Road and John McCain Road. During peak hours, traffic volumes at this four-way stop intersection significantly exceed capacity. Congestion is expected to increase with projected growth in the area.

Several intersection alternatives were analyzed, including conversion to a signalized intersection, a two-lane roundabout, and a single-lane roundabout. The comprehensive study included considerations such as safety, cost, traffic operations, noise, air quality, right-of-way impacts, and aesthetics.

The project team recommended a single-lane roundabout. B&N presented the findings and recommendations to City officials and facilitated a public meeting to present and discuss the study and its findings to the community. B&N’s recommendations were approved, detailed design was completed, and the roundabout was constructed.

Cheek-Sparger Road/Jackson Road

B&N also conducted a study for the intersection of Cheek-Sparger Road and Jackson Road to determine traffic control and geometric improvements. The four-way stop intersection has two-lane roads to the north, east and west and a five-lane road to the south. Narrow shoulders, ditches, utilities, adjacent residential and commercial tracts and a drainage culvert on the west leg were other considerations.

Observation and analysis showed that the intersection was severely deficient in capacity. Two options were identified: a signalized intersection with left turn lanes and a single lane roundabout with a northbound right turn lane. The City selected the roundabout option.

Cheek-Sparger Road/Martin Road

A third traffic study was conducted for the intersection of Cheek-Sparger Road and Martin Road to identify an intersection configuration that would accommodate future traffic.

This intersection currently operates as a two-way stop. Cheek-Sparger Road is a two-lane undivided roadway at the intersection. Martin Parkway has northbound and southbound stop controlled approaches. The southbound approach is treated as two lanes and is separated from the single departure lane with a grass median. The northbound approach has two lanes both entering and exiting the intersection.

Existing and 2020 traffic volumes were evaluated along with a signal with left turn lanes and a single roundabout. Following the study, B&N recommended that the City re-evaluate the intersection after improvements to an adjacent intersection were complete.