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  • Location: Akron, Ohio

The City of Akron, Ohio is working on a multi-year Long-Term Control Plan, under direction from the U.S. EPA, to reduce sewer overflows. The City is taking steps to drastically reduce combined sewer overflows, increase capacity of their sewage system and water reclamation facility, and make repairs to aging infrastructure.

B&N is providing Utility Infrastructure services to assist the City with comprehensive plans to improve the sewer system. This includes leading the Capacity Management Operations & Maintenance (CMOM) Program that is part of the Long-Term Control Plan, and leading the design of Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction (SSR) projects.

CMOM Program Management

B&N is assisting with the implementation of improvements to the City’s Operations and Maintenance Program for the sanitary and combined sewers and preparing documents for EPA review. The project includes overseeing contractors who assist City crews with cleaning and inspecting the entire 850-mile sewer system every five years.

Additional CMOM Program tasks include:

  • Sewer system condition assessment
  • Manhole inspections and repairs
  • Assisting with USEPA negotiations regarding modifications to the program
  • Assistance with O&M planning
  • Annual preventative maintenance program for pumping stations and force mains
  • Fats, oils and grease program
  • City staff training
  • Root cause analysis
  • Sewer system operation and maintenance manual and annual updates

SSR Projects

B&N is leading the preliminary and detailed design of the most recent annual Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction (SSR) projects. The repairs were prioritized based on findings from comprehensive sewer cleanings and inspections. Projects include point repairs, open-cut placement, and cured-in-place lining for sewers ranging from 8- to 60-inch diameter and a 102-inch x 96-inch box. The contracts also include the rehabilitation of existing manholes and construction of new manholes.