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  • Location: Huron, Ohio

The City of Huron’s Rye Beach Road 400,000-gallon elevated water storage tank sits along SR-2 and is a highly visible landmark for visitors to this tourist area along Lake Erie. When the tank needed a complete rehabilitation, B&N worked with the City to plan, design, and bid the project. 

Adhesion Testing Yields Cost Savings

B&N coordinated with coating manufacturers to perform adhesion testing of the existing paint. The tests determined that the existing paint had an adequate adhesion to the steel substrate and therefore could be cleaned and overcoated (or top-coated) with a new coating system. The overcoat system saved the City approximately 35 percent in cost over traditional rehabilitation, which would have required the complete removal of the existing paint via abrasive blasting and containment.

The tank’s proximity to a trucking company and boat storage facility required close coordination throughout the project. B&N also provided on-site inspection services and construction management during the rehabilitation and painting of the tank. 

Items repaired as part of the rehabilitation included:

  • Safety railing
  • Roof vent
  • Access tube vent
  • Aviation light
  • Overflow pad
  • Replacement of fall protection harnesses

A New Look

The City worked with the local tourism agency Lake Erie Shores & Islands to design a unique exterior for the tank. B&N was tasked with sizing, locating, and designing the paint system for the new logo featuring a fishing bobber. To keep with the theme, B&N designed a top safety railing with wider structural members to resemble the cap found on top of traditional bobbers.