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  • Location: Bellaire, Ohio

Through the use of several subsurface investigative techniques, B&N delineated a large source of soil contamination at a former chemical storage facility in Bellaire, Ohio. This Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was performed after B&N identified the need for further assessment during a Phase I ESA. This ESA was conducted for a Route 7 realignment project for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) in Belmont County.

The investigation used conventional hollow stem augers and Geoprobe® equipment to collect soil and groundwater samples. A ground penetrating radar survey was used to identify potential subsurface anomalies. The project also included a soil gas survey.

Through the investigation, two distinct groundwater plumes were identified: a chlorinated solvent plume and a petroleum product plume. B&N provided an on-site soil characterization for soil disposal, which was approved by the Ohio EPA.

Based on the results of the Phase II ESA, B&N helped ODOT negotiate an agreement with the Ohio EPA to divide remedial responsibilities between soil or source removal and groundwater remediation.

B&N acted as environmental inspector during the removal of 21,000 tons of solid waste and 1,600 tons of hazardous material over a 30-day construction period.

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