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  • Location: Charleroi, Pennsylvania

To reduce energy costs and upgrade the sustainability and resiliency of their facilities, the Charleroi Area School District in Pennsylvania sought improvements to two schools within the district. They chose to implement an array of energy-saving upgrades at Charleroi Elementary Center and Charleroi High School which were designed by B&N and executed in collaboration with ABM Infrastructure Solutions.

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Design

The cornerstone of this project was recommissioning and optimizing the buildings’ HVAC systems. These upgrades, coupled with the introduction of high-efficiency transformers in the electrical power distribution systems, help ensure a more efficient energy consumption pattern.

In addition, water conservation upgrades were introduced, while physical upgrades to the roofing and building envelope bolstered the resilience of the structures, helping to ensure that they stand strong for years to come. The school district greenlit the replacement of aging boilers and outdated domestic hot water plant equipment, welcoming new high efficiency condensing systems for improved efficiency, operation, and longevity.

To further enhance operational efficiency, B&N incorporated advanced building automation systems, including leading-edge indoor air quality sensors. These provided real-time data to the district, enabling them to monitor and maintain the optimal environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Air Quality Improved

One of the most notable upgrades was the implementation of bipolar ionization technology, which significantly improves indoor air quality. This innovative method distributes ions throughout the building that latch onto airborne particles such as dust, smoke, and even bacteria and viruses. These particles then cluster together, forming larger units that are easier for the filtration system to eliminate.

Customized Approach

With this project, the Charleroi Area School District has reduced energy costs, while creating healthier and more resilient facilities, and an enhanced learning environment for its students. B&N's solution tailored to the school district’s needs prioritized energy efficiency, sustainability, and the wellbeing of those who use the facilities, allowing the Charleroi Area Schools to lead the way in energy-efficient educational facilities.