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  • Location: Caroline County, Virginia

B&N partnered with ABM Building Services (ABM) to design HVAC system improvements for the District Courthouse and Community Center in Caroline County, Virginia.

In order to help ABM meet the goals of their energy performance contract with Caroline County, B&N provided design services for a new high-performance air-cooled chiller with an integral buffer tank, new propane-fired condensing boilers, variable volume air handling units, and variable primary pumping system at the District Courthouse. B&N also designed a direct digital control system that fully optimized the new central plant systems and reset variable air volume (VAV) box minimums depending on real-time load conditions.

At the Community Center, B&N provided design services for the replacement of outdated and inefficient oil-fired boilers with propane-fired condensing boilers. B&N also developed a controls strategy for the auditorium HVAC system that allowed the existing air handling units to operate at part load conditions while simultaneously maintaining desirable indoor relative humidity levels.