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  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Faced with a challenging bridge rehabilitation, the City of Cleveland sought B&N’s expertise in designing a creative solution. The project called for the rehabilitation of the uniquely positioned Canal Road Bridge along with the realignment of approximately 300 feet of approach roadway. Because of the bridge’s vertical positioning between two railways, the City directed that the project be a rehabilitation, and not new construction, to allow for the utilization of reduced railroad vertical clearance. 

B&N’s design solution included:

  • Raising the profile of the existing roadway and structure to increase clearance between the bottom of the structure and the CSX railroad below, while maintaining a minimum clearance of 15 feet to the Norfolk Southern railroad above
  • Abutments designed using tie-back, anchored, micro-pile retaining walls to accommodate for the restricted overhead clearance and installation through existing abutment stones
  • Refacing two-feet of concrete of the abutment faces by removing and replacing the unsound, high chloride content concrete
  • Maintenance-of-traffic plans for a two-way, one-lane signalized MOT zone
  • Water line relocation
  • Installing soil anchor tiebacks to provide adequate horizontal resistance