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  • Location: Dallas, Texas

Located south of the Central Business District in the City of Dallas, Cadiz Street was a four-lane, undivided asphalt roadway with intermittent sidewalks on either side. The City wanted to create a more pedestrian-friendly setting with improved sidewalks and lighting, and the replacement of non-compliant ADA curb ramps. A skewed intersection also was a problem that needed to be addressed. 

As a result, what began as a thoroughfare improvement project turned into a Complete Street project that provides a holistic solution for the City.

Holistic Solution

B&N led a team to design Cadiz Street to South Lamar Street, which is a Trinity River Park Gateway to Cedars West. The Complete Street design included the first City of Dallas shared-use-path for pedestrians and cyclists, along with landscaped medians and widened sidewalks. The design also included other safety and landscaping features such as LED lighting, bike racks, benches, crosswalks, a tree zone and a bike-friendly “rumble strip” between pedestrians and traffic lanes.

In addition to the roadway design and Complete Street solutions, the project included the structural evaluation of an active Union Pacific Railroad and a pedestrian bridge. B&N employed survey scans to create 3D meshes and developed CAD elevation drawings that were ultimately used by multiple subconsultants. This method provided a quick and inexpensive way to collect the detailed survey information.

B&N also held public meetings with City and project stakeholders to minimize delays and create transparency during the project.