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  • Location: Akron, Ohio

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) selected Burgess & Niple (B&N) to provide environmental services at the former world headquarters facility in Akron, Ohio. Bridgestone and the City are partnering to prepare and sell the 1.6 million-square-foot property for redevelopment. Environmental assessment and remediation are required prior to the sale.

For the first contract on this large-scale project, B&N managed the asbestos survey and conducted oversight during operation and maintenance to abate and repair asbestos materials throughout the building.

B&N designed abatement criteria and protocol and then retained a contractor to perform the abatement and encapsulate/repair asbestos containing materials. The team also created a maintenance and operation plan for the new building owners that documents asbestos containing materials and procedures to follow during any future renovations/demolition to the structure.