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  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio

ArcelorMittal is a large steel manufacturing and mining company with a plant located in Cleveland, Ohio. B&N assisted with a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) unit closure at the company’s Cleveland location to comply with consent orders from the Ohio EPA.

The ArcelorMittal RCRA unit is an 80,000-gallon above ground storage tank used to store a blend of paint sludge, plating wastes, solvents and fuel oil. The B&N team prepared plans and initiated activities associated with closing the unit, including an investigation and delineation of soil and groundwater impacts caused by the RCRA unit.

B&N performed a human health risk assessment to determine cleanup standards. Extensive soil excavation and disposal removed soils with concentrations of constituents of concern that exceeded the risk-based cleanup standards. The team initiated groundwater monitoring and quarterly monitoring continues.

The final closure is pending. It is based upon elimination of future groundwater use through either an Environmental Covenant or additional remediation. B&N continues to work closely with the Ohio EPA to assist ArcelorMittal throughout the RCRA closure process.

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