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May 18 - 20, 2020

TRB 6th International Roundabout Conference

Monterey Bay Portola Hotel and Spa Monterey, California Visit Event Website

Anatomy of Multi-Lane Roundabout Crashes

This presentation will share the most important findings from the very detailed crash analysis and site review of three high-crash multi-lane roundabouts in Hilliard, Ohio. The presentation will take a deep dive into specific crash patterns including the types and severity of crashes, traffic movements most often involved in common crashes, driver actions and driver perceptions.

Roundabout design features and criteria at the existing roundabouts will be explored and correlated to the crash data. Entering and circulating speed data will be discussed and compared to design values and related to crash patterns. Two-by-two roundabout crash patterns, and observed and related factors will also be explored in detail.

Proposed countermeasures, including photos/videos from already implemented countermeasures and preliminary crash reduction estimates will be shared.

B&N Presenter:

Steve Thieken, PE, PTOE, AICP

Choosing the Right Traffic Analysis Tool

This presentation will present the findings of the comparison results for multiple analysis tools on the same location/roundabout. Common software tools and analysis methods: Sidra, VISSIM, HCS and Rodel will be compared.

The featured comparison will include a complex roundabout location in Hilliard, Ohio, where drone video was collected during the same timeframe that traffic counts were collected to provide recorded, real-world traffic operations during the analysis period. The traffic queuing results from the model analysis will be compared to queues recorded from the drone video.

Modeling methods and parameters will be discussed such as gap acceptance, headways, lane utilization, etc.

General conclusions will be shared regarding the capabilities of each analysis methodology for the given locations.

B&N Presenter:

Steve Thieken, PE, PTOE, AICP

Steve Thieken, PE, PTOE, AICP, Director, Columbus Transportation Division

Director, Columbus Transportation Division